Happy Helpers! A collab to make people happy!



I was wondering if people would like to join a collab called Happy Helpers!
Please don't flag this, this does relate to a project. I wanted to make a collab for a project to cheer people up! A lot of mean people are out them, so let's take them out with our happy powers!

Our Hopscotching history and clubs of happiness!

I'll join! I definitely think that sometimes people need a little more happiness in their lives right now.

A little more info....

I'm Maltese! On the app I'm Maltese with a heart, though.
One project of mine got 95 likes, currently.
I posted a happy quote with decor that got 46 likes, and my regular like intake is about 25-30.
I love making music on Hopscotch, you might have see a project of mine with music, who knows! :D

I would be a help to this collab because I can code some happy music, or maybe learn to do some text art, or some inspiring quotes. :D

I love spreading happiness to people on the forum, and I give words of encouragement to people who aren't really feeling like themselves. I just want to make people feel like they are noticed and not hated. :)


I will join! I am in so many happy squads!


Oops, 29 days later! XD


Lol. XD

I liked (and still like) this club! c:


I would definitely like to join! :hugging: I like to make happy quote projects and be nice to people to make them feel positive. Also, @Maltese is a part of it. That's reason enough to join :wink: @TheGamerNextDoor15


Wow, I've changed a lot in 29 days! :0

Wow, @EmmabugOnTheForum, thank you! :0

It's an honor. Really. :3


I can't do text art :frowning:️ But that's okay cuz I can do other things! :slight_smile:


Anyway...I'm on to go spread positivity! :slight_smile:


I'll join! :D

I love spreading positivity! :D


Everyone joins :smiley:

No matter what happens, you NEVER quit.

6 rules.
1- don't be mean
2- have fun
3- be as fab as your little heart desires
4- be the amazing you that you are
5- make people happy
6- be good to yourself


Can I join!?!!


Hehe. pusheen cat (: