Happy halloween Everyone! ((ghh title has been used!)


HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!!! I wanted tto make a topic if u have a updated hallowwen pic or u can share halloween projects or share #hhc2016 projects!


Oh don't worry I've gotten something planned alright




Same Lel

yay for Halloween!
I've published my HHC16 project already...it's a trail art broomstick w/ cat! Yay!

This is my Halloween profile pic thingy!

Also I go back to school on Halloween (I think)


Cool @CandyflossClouds!!!!
That's so good of a pic!!
(Same I have school on Halloween!)


School ruins everything T^T
We dont even get to wear our costumes!


OMG same
It's ridiculous -_-

Anyway, here's my Halloween profile pic!


I have a cross-country race on Halloween :disappointed:
But we get to wear our costumes, so that will be cool



Heres mine:


My very Halloweeny profile pic


Cool @Himynameismeredith1 and @Lightningstrike


My halloween profile picture is:

And my #HHC2016 project is already published! It is a flappy bird game!
I scaled down this picture, but I used the size you can see above to add the sticker (using a program called Canva)


Wow really cool!! @William04GamerA


And your not even allowed to dress up for Halloween in my school! (^O^) you have to wear normal school uniform!


That stinks but I'm not bragging but at our school we get to have a HALLOWEEN parade at around 2:30 with our costumes!!
I wish u were at my school!!!


lol this is creepy so i made this my halloween pic

also here's a halloween pic anyone can use




OMG so lucky!!! My school is so strict...


Are u in a private school??!
I was but now I dint like that school anymore!


No, I don't, it's just strict (Hopefully that's no too much personal info)