Happy Friday: New Video!


Hi guys!

We just published a new video in Hopscotch—Hot Lava!

It's a very basic tutorial that opens up a million possibilities. Learn the basic rules for the game—keeping an object out of the hot lava—and then take it in your own direction.

Stay tuned...there's a lot more good stuff coming your way in the next few weeks :slight_smile:

PS: Credit to @Blastfusion for the awesome Lava Bounce game—inspiration and the screenshot


First post, second like!
Later I'll check it out before packing, Liza. Thx


Cool! First reply! @Liza this app is awesome


First (not first post, first to get to the topic and like it) :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds great! :slight_smile:

New videos are always exciting, thank you for taking the time to make them! :D


aw you beat me @friendship2468 :joy:


First reply, that is XD

Back on topic, guys! I want to get coding this Hot Lava thing! :3


I'm excited for whatever this 'good stuff' is!

New videos? :0 :3

Sounds cool!


I am gonna check it out!!





I made a small project with this! I'm making a Bigger version of this game soon! Great video! :heart:



day!(Get it?)


Cool new video! :smile:
I'm looking forward to seeing what amazing additions you have to hopscotch :laughing:


Dang it! You made me hungry!


Yay! Thank you! I am excited to watch it!


Cool! I'm going to go watch it now :smiley:


Do some reason watching it I don't here sound. Is this a glitch? My volume is all the way up. :grimacing: @Liza


Awesome! This gives me a game idea I've been wondering about for a while. :smiley:

Thanks, THT!


I'm going to watch it now!


I'll have a look soon!!

Btw can we please have a syncing option @Liza? Like the green cloud that uploads drafts, but for syncing drafts between devices? It's just I lost a lot of my drafts recently due to having two devices which wouldn't sync…