Happy Easter to all!



Hi it's @CrystalPanda here! I would just like to say happy Easter everyone! I hope you have a wonderful Easter and enjoy it too! May Easter bunny and eggs be with all! Thank you everyone!

Oh and I hope you spend good times with your family's on Easter too,


Thanks! You too! @CrystalPanda


There's a very important reason that I celebrate Easter. It's not just about chocolate and stuff. Happy Easter!


Happy Easter

I don't really like Easter anymore as its all changed in the last two years for me so I don't make a big deal about Easter any more sadly although I used to love it.

I'm still making the projects and other things on hopscotch though


I don't have a family. :sob:



What do you mean by this​:no_mouth:
It's ok if you don't want to anwser


I'm so sorry! Just remember that you can always talk to us


Happy Easter to you
Happy Easter to you
Happy Easter, dear you
Happy Easter to you!

Sing to the tune of "Happy Birthday".


It's not about candy and sweets it's more...


Happy Easter!

I'm not really celebrating this year. :confused: I'll be on a plane throughout the day, then when I get back home it will be midnight. But I hope everyone else has an amazing Easter! :smile:


My family died in a car crash. I am the only one left. I am 13, have not a single family member and lives in a shack in the forest. I go to the local store to get internet, and sometimes have to trade wood for money. So I can Survive. My iPad is the only thing left to remember my family, which I miss, so much.


I don't think that's quite true...


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