Happy (early) Halloween!




Aaa 20 characters


Now I’m sad thinking that summer is almost over


This is wayyy too early lol
Idk if I’ll get to go out for Halloween this year
But if I do idk what I’ll be


Yeah it’s true
I fell like only one week has passed rather than a month or more ;-;


Same here XD
Maybe I will go around with a witch hat and that’s all


Also I agree with gobli I might not go out this year

Call me a weirdo but every year I get less and less fond of spooky stuff


Just a witch hat? :(((((((((


I just go out bc of my cousins, that’s all XD


Yeah, why? No makeup (I have never painted my face and all of the girls in my school do, even to go to school -_-) and… I don’t want to buy a new costume


That is I think my fav part XD


But if you wear a hat you’ll have to wear a matching costume. Maybe just turn one of your clothes into something spooky
You don’t have to wear the makeup, but at least a wand? Which you can wave and yell “Avada kedavra” and people?


DIYing… ._.

I can take a chopstick as a wand… XD



  1. get a button-up shirt that’s too big for you

  2. Put it on

  3. Unbutton an area large enough for you head to fit through

  4. Stick your head through

  5. Extras

  6. Hold your head

  7. Enjoy your time as the headless horseman


yes, isn’t it so fun?
put neon green and purple glitter everywhere on a shirt or dress you won’t use anymore

ooh yes that would work


that was an amazing tutorial, will recommend your name for anyone wanting to be a headless horseman


Ok, decided
I will only wear the hat and the wand
Uff… DIYing is not my thing. Only bracelets


And if you can’t afford a costume, why not go as a horseless headman?


that’s good enough.
ummm you could put purple and green glitter on a bracelet


I make woven bracelets, so I cannot add glitter XD
And I don’t have any neon colours (I don’t like green specially, but pink should do the trick)


:000 but you could

that would work