Happy birthday!



HAPPY BIRTHDAY @WinningMonkey !


Welcome to the forum! Please keep things on the topic of Hopscotch! :wink:


Okay ! Sorry :relaxed: I got off topic !


Maybe you could get this back on topic by talking about a surprise project you are going to do for his/her B-Day.


Can't like. :hearts::heart::hearts:
Also, off topic, but when did you draw your user card? Just asking cause I just finished doing one of those in art class.


It's okay to have birthday topics


Its actualy not. Its against the community guidelines. All topics have to be related to HS!


No I have birthday topics that are mod-approved trust me I know what I'm doing :wink:


@Kiwicute2016, @Gilbert189, @PopTart0219 can you go to the new doc I shared with u?


Wait it's not working


I don't see any doc... :confused:
EDIT: Okay.


Ok I shared it.