Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth 🎉🎈- CODING COMP



Queen Elizabeth II turned 91 today! Let's wish her a Happy Hopscotch Birthday! :blush:

Wish her a happy Birthday by making a project for her birthday. Post the link here and I will pick the best one. Projects due 28th of April.


Happy B Day Queen Elizabeth! :tada::confetti_ball::balloon:


Awesome! But the Hopscotch forum is about Hopscotch. Please only make topics related to Hopscotch :)


I'm sorry, but why was my post flagged?


Probably because it wasn't related. I didn't flag it though, I don't know who did :0


I'm going to edit it after 10 minutes so I can change it into a coding competition :joy:


Lol okay, how about one for her birthday? :D


Yeah. That's what I was thinking :blush:


Great ;D


What if we make projects about it?


Yeah, you can do that!! :D


"you can that"

sorry I unleashed my inner grammar police XD

Okay, i'll start working on it! can i link it to you when I am done?


Oops XD I meant you can do that XD I'll edit it now XD

And yes! I would love that :D


here: https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/yoflu5rs7


That's cool :sunglasses:!
I like that


It's awkward for me because my first name is Elizabeth XD

Happy birthday, Queen Elizabeth! ;3


Cool! But the queen doesn't do much, right? I mean, there's a prime minister already. But still, I'd be at her birthday party if I was allowed. :cake:


Who's Queen Elizabeth II?


The Queen of England who happens to share the same first name as me. She is the daughter(?) of Queen Elizabeth I.


Ok. Is her daught named Queen Elizabeth III?