Happy birthday k thx


Happy birthday @PopTart0219 I came back to the forum for 30 min-1 hr because ur a good friend and it's ur birthday k thx bye



saw dat edit x3


For those h8rs out there thx because u were the only reason that I didn't go back to the forum it's called a plan and it worked
@PopTart0219 I did this for u be happy k thx


Well time to catch up I guess for 1 hr


All the leaders got demoted...;.


That's really nice of you and I appreciate it @Poptart0129 happy birthday :D


Hai Sweg Anonemus!!

Sadly PT seems to have gone ;-;


Ya I k I just got a pm from Liza idk y because I was demoted like 2 'moths ago lol


Oh oops really

Well I have her ig so I can use that

It's not like anyone cares anymore haha

TBH we don't even message each other anymore we used to



You're still sweggiest


That's nice
frens in mai class would ship dat XD


My god we are not in a relationship you stop that

Pt and superswaggy are tho


thankksssssssssss :)


wait say what now


lol oops I was mowing the lawn and doing yard work whoops it's 1 hour now goodbye


Le thank ya


Happy B'day Beyoncé!
How do you have 2 acc with the same name?


How do u know we share the same name...

How do u know I can't do MAGIC

how do I know I am a POPTART

  1. I meant username...
  2. Um.. I never said that...
  3. You ain't a Poptart. You're Beyoncé...