Happy 4 Draw! 😄



Ok, so I'm making this drawing thing! :smile:

I was just messing around with my old mirror draw, then I got an idea! I changed up the pad a little bit, and now it's pretty cool!

It is like @Valgo's Game Changer, except it differenT!
It's kind of hard to explain, but Valgo has 8 different lines, why mine has 4! That's why it is called Happy 4 draw!

Anyways, here is a picture:

So it has smiley faces in it, and that's why it also has the word Happy in the title! And on one end, it changes positive sayings!

Any suggestions?
Do you like this?

I might publsih tomorrow or Wednesday!

I hope this cheers people up and gives them a smile! :smile:

Just trying to spread positivity around Hopscotch! :smiley:


Does anybody know any good happy music I can put on this?


erm, I have really annoying "happy" music that I use for most of my stimulators
Here's the link https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xu97s5von

whatever you do dont pay attention to the project


That is a great idea! It will be super cool! :grinning:


Ok.. Looking at your simulators...



Kind of off topic, but I am doing a collab with an iPad. We are making one of the apps hopscotch and it will have drafts and stuff in it. Is it ok, because we are kind of using your "hack my account" idea. :slightly_smiling:


Yeah! It's totally fine! Good luck! :wink:


Cool! Thank you so much! Good luck on your projects too! :blush:


Hahahaha when you follow me :scream::boom:


Looks really cool! Seriously, I WILL like it! (If I find it) :blush::blush::blush::blush::blush::blush::blush:


It will be soooooooooo awesome!!!!!! Can't wait! My iPod is nearly done just need music


That's super cool @SmileyAlyssa! Sadly, I am not the one to ask for music, unless you want the Sunday Night Football theme :stuck_out_tongue:


Looks great @SmileyAlyssa


Publsih... You butchered the spelling of publish :laughing:. Also, cool idea.


Lol :joy:thanks! :smile:


Try @Follow4LikesOfficial's account, and ask him if you can use it.


So it's basically @RubyWolf1 and my 1-day pad collab, but with a different setup?
(You probably won't find it because it's in the filter so it has
- Normal 24 colors
- Width changing
- Mirrors that can change
- Clear button)
Did I miss anything?


@SmileyAlyssa this is a great addition! Maybe you should add it to your other draw pad!


LOL (laughing out loud)! You must be a football fanatic.


That's a good idea! I was thinking about doing a regular drawing pad on top of that one, so I'll try it! :smile: