So yeah, as you other POTTERHEADS know, today is HARRY POTTER'S 36th BIRTHDAY!
And the day the cursed child comes out.
It's also JK Rowling's birthday (51)
So since I'm sooooooooooo happy about all this stuff happening today, how about we all code Harry Potter themed projects and wish him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
I don't get my book until August third so no spoilers pls
Post your projects here
Also remember to finish the summer project by midnight




I so need to make a project for it :3


That's great. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: @kvj


There is Harry Potter on TV now. :smile:


What channel?
I need to know


I saw it on free form. The commercials are like 10 minutes long!


Here's an old project that was my first quiz
Hp one btw
Make your own wand! From a while ago... It was for one of @tankt2016's contests


Oh I know that channel...
It's this teenager thing
I'm glad I have the movies


I Hate How They Changed ABC Family To Free Form '-'


please stay on topic @BlueStarGirl :wink:


Me too
It's now a teenager channel instead of kids' shows


I wouldn't worry about it. It's just one post.


This sounds like an awesome idea! I will try to..... I mean I will do a project for Harry Potters B-Day! (And one for JK Rowling...)


I would make a project, but I know I wouldn't finish. Check out my hogwarts. That's my project. It got on featured a while ago


Here's a golden snitch I've made before on my backup account and transferred it to my reg


yes I want to do this
I don't know what to do though...
But I'll try to do something!
(I also got to go to see the Harry Potter theme park this year and it was awesome!! Maybe I can draw inspiration from that..)

Also NO SPOILERS PEOPLE I get my book tomorrow and if it's spoiled I will be very disappointed ;-;


I not interested in new book. Harry grown up and his children is too weird for me.


His kids are probably actually learning something because Harry's not there


I know ;-;
I like ABC Family better (the name)

I'll make a project on HS right now!
Yay! I'm so excited!