Happy 2016 Hopscotching


Happy new years! :smile::wink::tada::confetti_ball: This is where you can post stuff about new years and projects about it and about 2016. (Typing this at midnight)


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I know right??? I was ready to start a project so the countdown would be exact but it LOADED! Dang that bear! Jk no offense, "bear thingy that moves"


It was nearly midnight and I made a count down thing on hopscotch and it took forever to load!


Did anyone get an email from HS Team saying that they wish you a special thanks for being a top publisher?


Happy New Year!:heart_eyes::kissing_heart::scream::yum::yum:


I did!!!!!!!! I read it to my parents and they were so proud!


Happy new year!!!!!!!


Yes! I stayed up till midnight!


I did too. Also i stayed up till 2:50 in the morning then my mom made me go to bed :pensive:


Lol, I woke up at 9:30 this morning because I went to sleep around 1 am...


I didnt realize i would be so tired i woke at 10:27 am


I got that letter too!


Yeah! I got that letter! How many other people did? I couldn't tell...


Hey guise check this out I made it!


Me! I was literally doing a happy dance!


I stayed up till 5am and woke up at 8am idk why im not tired


I did too! I had a little nap!


Whaaaaaaaaat??? Thats crazy! My friend is like so tired and went to bed at 12!


hehe ya I was watching tv and drawing and stuff and I was to tired to sleep (yes I know what I said lol)