Happiness Turns To Stress




Oh okay thenn

This is true!


I hope your ok. This isn't really something to share on the forums though. This will scare kids.

If you feel this way, we can't help you. Talk to a adult.




Is this actually how your life goes?!


Because you are trying to be happy.


That is what it will be soon, minioncandy.


I try my best to be happy, but it never works. Ever.
My only friends hate me.


okay, enough is enough.

kaykay, or friendship, or clowns or whatever name you want: if you genuinely have those thoughts, you need to get professional help. you owe that to yourself. the forum does not have the help you need.

and well, if you're using it as a sob story to get out of breaking rules, i'm disappointed.

i'm not going to return to this topic for the sake of my own mental health and personal reasons, but just think about it.


I'm not KayKay or friendship. I'm being bullied in school and on social media. My friends hate me.


Just ingore them

Your real friends are right here!

Like me!


They are not your true friends then. You can find other friend that are nicer on this forum. If you stop being so depressing and be a little happier, I think more people will be happy to be your friend.


Did you tell anyone? Like your parents or a teacher?


But I don't want any friends. All they will do is make me mad.
I should go to school and become friends with Alyssa


Just think happy thoughts!

It works for me!


Musical.ly I talk to this Hopscotcher on hopscotch we shared our accounts a few months ago but they're kinda mean now because they think I'm ugly


Is this kaykay?


Wait you talk to a Hopscotcher?

In real life?

Or in another social media?



Who's Alyssa?

We won't, we can help you feel the happiness of having friends, not just the sadness. If you like, I would be very happy to be your friend! I don't have much friends in real life either, but on the forum, everyone is friends.


Try listening to a song. Here's one.