Happiness - The forum needs it!



To me the forum seems so serious, there should be more fun it it.
So here are some ways to help that:

This is a great challenge by @Anonymous, it spreads happiness :D
Here are some points that this covers:

  • It's funny
  • It makes people feel really happy

Now for some more ideas on spreading positivity:

  • Spam-liking
    Spam-liking is a great way to show happiness, it is best on Hopscotch because you can't run out of likes. But it is good on the forum too, as the forum is the place needing cheering up :D

  • Make Challenges
    This is a great way of making happniess, I did it with the :D Club.
    There are lots of good challenges on the forum, I will add some links later.

  • Just be nice
    This is always positive. Be really nice about all sorts of things.

  • Use emojis
    Emojis are very expressive, one of the best to use is ":D", it is nice, friendly, and happy.
    ;-; is another example of a great emoji, it is not happy, but it is cute, funny, and positive.

Now for some extra ideas:

Hopscotch/forum challeges
This is a great place to share happiness!

The :D Club
Who doesn't like a good :D?

Talk to a Hopscotcher
Not really counted, but still a nice place.

Hopscotch Roast Session
Wow! Be happy there!

"That's why you gotta stop what you're doing and smile.
It's called a smile break.
Go take a smile break everyone. :D"- @AmazingAlphaAquaWolf

Say something nice to the Hopscotcher above!
Wow! Happiness EVERYWHERE!

Now for a challenge:
Use a :D all of your posts for a week!
Use XD in a few posts
Use ;-; every time you run out of likes, or when someone roasts you.
type :D like this:


Rules for this topic:

  • Nothing mean at all, this topic is about happiness.
  • No off topi...Nah, there is no real on topic here :D

Some great happy people:
And a lot more that I can't remember XD

Is this topic good?

  • :D
  • -__-
  • ;-;


I hope this is not offensive ;-;

-The Happy Coder OUUUT!

SpreadPositivity- Anonymous




pushes gif into topic (runs)


Bumping up ^^^^^

@Stampys_fans, This is real -.-


This is a great topic! I agree, the forums need some cheering up


That's why you gotta stop what you're doing and smile.

It's called a smile break.

Go take a smile break everyone. :D


Challenge accepted! : -D

type :D like this:


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This topic is awesome!
Smiles makes tem happy



I love this idea! :D


Love this ideas!!!! #Smiles!!!


This is an awesome topic! I was cracking up over that cat video @AHappyCoder included in his post. It's good to laugh!


If you like spam liking join the Likers Squad!!


Blimey when has spam liking been good... Eh it won't affec me


It's meant to be good though