Happiness and rainbows on the forum


Good job everyone you've done good things and you've made so much happiness and many rainbows I'd like to congratulate you guys on making everything all fine and dandy and for releasing magical bunnies from their cages and letting them create rainbow showers for dayzzzzzzz


Sadness and thunderstorms are on the forum.
It's all because of public accounts, spam flagging, and off-topic stuff.
So let's just stop arguing, k?
The anti-public acc "coalition" (for lack of better terms) is just fueling a divide between public accs and the supposed coalition. Yes, it's expressing freedom of speech, but I feel like there must be something about it that is attacking the public accounts.

Then there is spam flagging going on, probably because of this divide. So we need to get rid of this whole debate.

And then the public accounts make off-topic stuff. I mean seriously, people have made off-topic stuff and never get complaints. (Some) general topics are just basically off-topic zones but we never remind them. The drawing topic has more real life drawings and off-topic stuff than HS art. And once again, we don't give any reminders.


You're right. Good way of wording it, too. However, I remember there being already a few topics about this, I may be wrong, idk.


More is better in this case