Hap/ HappyClub, plz read!



Happy stands for


Helping how
1- Giving Them helpful tips
2- Encouraging them to keep them going
3- And, Making Their Day

If you see somebody who needs help help them
Also, Write your name down below and you will get in the.......


Didn't you already make a topic on this? (I joined it)


The topic was called make someone's day plz join...


I'll think about joining, but again, I'm super busy outside of hopscotch, but maybe I'll give this some thought!


I'm pretty sure there is already another topic like this. Do you want me to merge your posts into that one?


Yes plz, this is sorta different but anyways!!


Hmm, there's an error with merging. I'll try again soon :wink:


This sounds very cool!
If this doesn't get closed because you made another topic about this that was somewhat similar I recommend changing the tile to "Happy Club! Please join"
I personally think it'll make the title much more understandable. ( This is totally optional :smile: )


Like soon like when or can you get @Follow4LikesOfficial or somebody to help!!


What? :3


Can u merge this topic with my Make Your Day topic together!


May you check to see if the Make Your Day topics are closed?


I'm pretty sure it's "Make your day, something I'm doing" and "make your day, please join"


There's an error for me as well, I tried twice :confused:


Still an error. We can just leave this be :wink:


I guess so, just nobody flag this and say "this is already a topic"


I can close it for you if you want me to


Sure, I guess sigh