Hansonnoah is back!


@hansonnoah is back! Yay!


YEYEYEYAYAYAY! Senpai returns!




Yep. I just got a new phone, so now I can run hopscotch again. I won't post a ton right away, but once I get my school iPad back, I'll be able to make better projects. A lot's happened since I left.


Was I featured? Bad plumber has a TON of likes on it.


Yay! He's back :smiley:


Wohoo! You're back!
And yes, Bad plumber was featured.


Why are the usernames underlined?


Cuz he probably has the underlined thing on from settings

@hansonnoah welcome backkkkk! :D


I didn't know there was an underline setting.


There is lol

Also a bold setting


Where are those settings?



Ss is so Sweg she is ss in disguise omg


Yey! :D
There's a kid in my grade named Noah Hanson, by the way. :0


Interesting. What grade are you in?


This could be more than just a coincidence.


I think it is a coincidence.
He doesn't seem like someone who would use hopscotch.
I wouldn't want to give my age, but I think he plays the saxophone.
Do you play the saxophone?


No. I play percussion. I guess it is just a coincidence.


Wait, he might play percussion.
I forget, honestly.
Okay, do you have brown hair?