Handy uses of "When iPad hears a loud noise"



There's like... Millions of applications that can be made by using this When block...

Many see this as a "useless" block... But hey! Endless possibilities!

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You basically say words that makes no sense whatsoever... And the translator will (try) to translate what you have gibbered out...

And yes, I have made one. And if you tried it out already, you probably found out that it only has one message...


So if you're persistent enough to repeatedly get it to translate till your mom says

SON! Why are you talking nonsense???

Well done! I have helped you waste your time! :sweat_smile::joy:

Achivement unlocked:
Time Waster :stopwatch:

The code is simple...



If you haven't played my latest project, get ready to get shocked!

This is probably good for a prank ...

This project will need 2 rules on one object. One rule for the sound, the other for the visual.

A jumpscare does not only consist of visuals, they need sounds to make it more...


Play or watch Markiplier play the Five Nights at Freddy's Quadrilogy and you'll know what I mean...


Here's the code!



Below this line is where you can add stuff that you found out that you can use for this WHEN block!

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You can use the block to see if someone entered your room when you were gone. You can have "when iPad hears a loud noise, leave a trail color green" so when you come back, and there is a green trail, you know someone was in your room.

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Singing competition

Using the block, you can get you and your friends/family to sing to the iPad and then it will judge it. Just put "when iPad hears a loud noise" "set text to "judging..."" "Wait 1500 milliseconds" "set text to random 1 to 10"
It will judge randomly!


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I have just on question, mostly for @Liza, @Asha, @Rodrigo, How many decibels does it take to trigger the "Whe iPad/iPhone hears a loud noise?"


Hmmm... I don't know, but another hopscotched asked @t1_hopscotch this. T1 said she doesn't know. You can test this with a sound measuring machine tho.


I was the person who asked. That is my new acc. I just wanted to see if they could answer because I don't have a decibel measuring machine. :wink:


The least I could trigger the sound block is a snap of a finger... The slightly soft snap...




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For some reason, whenever I do soeak in the mic, nothing picks up (I then tested siri and my mic was fine) I also already allowed microphone. Any way I can fix that?


I made an alarm using this. Check it out here:


Speak louder?