Hand-drawn Logos ✒️ (Hopscotch forum)



Do you want a fresh, new logo? Well then, you're in the right place!

Hopscotch username:
Favorite color(s):
Favorite hopscotch character: (can be an oc)
Any other preferences:

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I made one somewhat ago....




Hopefully I'll finish your logo by today!


OK! I can't wait to see it!


Hopscotch username: Sweetlina​:purple_heart:
Favorite color(s):shades of purple
Favorite hopscotch character: (can be an oc) mr.mustache
Likes: candies and chocolates and hearts
Any other preferences: modern style


Hopscotch username: William04GamerA
Favorite color(s): Blue, green and red
Favorite hopscotch character: (can be an oc): Monkey
Likes: Cupcakes and chocolate
Any other preferences: I would like a modern style


Here's the finished logo! I hope you like it, it's my first logo I've ever made, so if you have any suggestions let me know. :wink:


Hopscotch username: WinningMonkey
Favorite color(s): All The Blues
Favorite hopscotch character: (can be an oc) Monkey
Likes: Softball, Baking, Paris
Any other preferences: Na Unless You Can Think Of Some


I love it!
Thank you so much @cherrycupcake!


Your welcome! So happy you like it!! :smiley:


Here you go!
Hopscotch username: StarryDream
Favorite color(s): Purple, Green and Blue!
Favorite hopscotch character: Chillanna
Likes: Drawing, Hopscotching, POTATOES, and CHOCOTATE
Any other preferences: Nope!:wink:


Hopscotch username: RobotPro
Favorite color(s): white, orange, yellow, blue
Favorite hopscotch character: (can be an oc) Robo
Likes: coding, cats, I dunno :stuck_out_tongue:
Any other preferences: nupe


Hopscotch Username: SmilingSunshine/kubajr
Favorite Color(s): Red, pink and purple
Favorite Hopscotch Character(can be an oc): Star Girl
Likes: Cupcakes,Fashion and happiness!
Any other preferences: Nope!


Idk why, but you're username gave me a kawaii vibe


AHHH that is amazing
Thanks soooo much
My username gave you a kawaii vibe?


Lol kawaii means cute in Japanese


Look in my bio your logo is there


Aww thanks I apreciate it!:blush::blush::blush:


Done. Thanks!