HAML by PeppyWafer21


I’ve created another website template thing. It’s very similar to my old ultimate website temp,age, but better.
Why is this better than my previous one:
It’s easier to use, the stage is a lot less crowded, you have way more control over where stuff goes, what it looks like, what it is etc. it also supports multiple pages, and you can link between and within them. (So for example, to go from webpage 0 to webpage 1, you’d set the links destination to 12341 and add it to webpage 0. Linking within a webpage, you add the Y value you want to link to. Linking to another webpage, you add 1234 with the ID of the webpage you want afterwards. So 123453 would go to webpage 53.) It also has more features, but those are just the basics.



that’s a pretty cool concept, and i’d love to see what can be done using it!


I’d love to see that too. Hopefully someone more creative than me will use this to create something amazing. :grinning:


it would be nice if i could try it out but alas, hopscotch is not on android cough cough tht pleas port it cough cough


Nice! I saw when you published it!


I totally agree with that! This is a super cool concept.