Halp with ...? Yay



I drew this, but I need to make it into grids so I can transport it to a pixel art. If you do, I will give you a title of your very own, I don't know how to transport it to grids, my art app doesn't have it. Lol I know it's horrible. >3<

PS, u have to be the first one


I an do this for you tomorrow. Mkay?
Nvm @VanillaBlossom, cannot do it at all. ;";


yea u have to be the first one XD


How are u going to give someone a tittle?


y ;-;

y u see dis stalker @EnchantedAnimallover ;u;


I watch u all day and all night. xD

pls answer meh question

now i know wot u r making. XD


@Kiwicute2016 can give me leader, then I can grant them that title, and then I'm back to member.


You have to be a mod to give out tittles. xD

You can just ask a leader or mod to do dat.


And Hoodie_Monster did it, so y not meh?


You can't just ask to be promoted then denoted XD You actually have to be a mod but they don't give out titles anymore.


Hoodie_monster was Kiwicute. xD

Actually, she was totally not Kiwi. xD



My suggestion would be to do the basic stuff pixel art, but then make the special facial stuff trail art! Just a suggestion :wink: nice drawing btw!!


Wait, how would you give a title


Also, how is this enchanted related?

Remember, we must have iur projects enchanted related for the contest! :D

And how r u going to make a pixel art like dat


Wait r u and vanillablossom diff ppl with similar account names?


yes. she is enchantedanimallover on hopscotch while im enchantedhopscotcher on hopscotch.


Oh ok ;-;


oh lol I forgot, lemme add ENCHANTED :comet: details XD.
Umm, @happyfacegirl, can you wait for me to draw the things and make the grids smaller (lol, that word autospelled for smelly XD), if it's smaller the pixel art will be clearer and nicer >.<


Yep! I will have to wait till tomorrow though! ;-; could u tag me tomorrow so i dont forget? Thanks!


Idk if these pixels are any smaller ;-; you could google "grid with transparent bakround" that has small pixels and give it to me and i will mix it w/ ur drawing fer u. But its hard for me to find a good grid.