Halp with drawing pad



So as u know, I have a drawing pad Collab. I wanted to make it cool and stuff but I need help with something. A infinite colour picker, like this one off of MagmaPOP's invisipad.




Press the actual photo to see it all.


Maybe you can branch MagmaPOP's drawing pad and use some of da code. (Remember to give credits!)


There are values that I cannot determine where are been set.


Some coders that might help.
@t1_hopscotch @BuildASnowman @CreationsOfANoob




The value 'Speed' and 'Height'. Those two are the values used in the colour picker.


I don't see Speed…
But I do see Height!
It's basically used for the darkness and saturation of the color stuffs!
Height can be found in the first object, which the clones use for their x position! The x position then determines the saturation and darkness of the trail it creates, which stays the same!


I'm a bad coder. Would you like to join the Collab?
(I dunno why I even created this topic)


No, sorry! That would make me procrastinate more on my current projects, and one has a time limit…


Oh, okay I guess. I'll wait for the response from other coders.


What do you need help with? You want to know how it works?


I don't really understand your problem, can you explain a little more about what you need help with? Is it the "infinite" color picker in general, or something more specific?


The infinite colour picker. I need a way of importing it. I could copy it out but there are a lot of undefined values in it. (I will need RGB unless I wanna make things very complicated)


Make your own. Magma's method really isn't the best. I'll help you. First off, do you know how to make the graphics for it? Not necessarily the actual color picking, but just the looks.


One thing to think about if you choose to use MP's way: It does not support a color having both saturation and darkness.


No clue.


I would help, but I have no clue on how to do MagmaPOP's, I'll see if I can figure something out.


No idea. I'm stupi.d. @BuildASnowman I C U.


I know. First I need to make the colour thingy it self. Then the picker.