Halp pls? With update


So today there's a new HS update. One of the features are:
-Never lose your password again! Hopscotch now makes it easy to add an email addr-ess to your account when you sign up. If you ever lose your password, just reset and you'll be back to Hopscotching in no time!
So I logged out and sign it back. But there's no the email thingy ;-;
Also, what do they mean by "reset"?


Probably because you already have the email stuff sorted with no problems?


@KVJ I didn't sign up with my email


Also one of their coding thing is called 'Show me your moves'.




Then that's probably why :stuck_out_tongue:


WHAT do you mean?
SOT please
(Stay On Topic)



P.S: OMG hi Senpai!


OMG hi!!
If you didn't sign up with an email, they don't have that email (probably).


But i have one...


It just made me think of this:


Resetting your password to something you know, or a default so you can log in and change it to something you'll remember.


Please GBOT

U can talk about in mai gen topic


Oh,thx Senpai


You're welcome Senpai :slight_smile:



There is a new skill in the new hopscotch update called that.


doesn't the email thing make it really easy to be hacked though? like just know your username and whoops now you're in


.Just relise that...
Thanks Poptart!



And a hacker like me might hack on! :joy: XD




If you already created an account we don't have a way for you to add your email yet, but we will soon!