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I'm making a project that requires making a trail art U that is about Y 50 height. I've tried a million ten gajillion ways, and I just can't get it to work! Does anyone know how to do this?


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Yeah I do!

Draw a trail width 10
Turn -90
Move forward 40
Repeat 90
Turn 2 degrees
Move forward 2
Move forward 40

You might have t fiddle around with the size of the arc


Always first ಠ_ಠ

Or use CoSine!


Thank you so much! I'll go test it out =D

And I don't know CoSine ;-;


Then learn :000000000000


How tho

It worked!

Do you think there's any way to make it less wide?


Yeah, for the repeat thing for the arc, do:

Repeat times 45
Turn 4
Move forward 2

Or something like that


It worked! Thank you so much! I'll make sure to give you credit ^–^


No problem! :DD


It's looks like someone has already helped you, but thanks for the tag! Tag me any time you need help!


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Another thing...
Does anyone know how to make a small trail art comma?

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I think it would be similar to the U, you just have to make it repeat less times and start the angle at a lower position.


You dont need to make the fancy tadpole comma. Just a slanted line, or a tapered slanted line, is fine.


I want the trail to become smaller as it draws the comma. Any way to do that?


You can change the trail width I think?


Didn't learn that in school yet, sorry :cold_sweat:


"Tapered" means thinner on one end. In this case, the bottom end.

You know those "modern" or "simplistic" fonts that have super-thin letters and all that? Try using those commas; just small little slanted lines that go in the place of a tadpole comma. It'll be easier to code, and it'll look a bit modern.


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How do u do that teach me senpai


Download Fancy Key Pro :stuck_out_tongue:

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