Halp meh i need halp!



Can someone tell me how to get a anmiated prodile pic!
I cant find it :frowning:


Search up GIFs


You use .gifs.

Just look up "____ GIF" (the blank being whatever you want the picture to be of).


No how to get it as my profile pic


You get it the normal way- go to preferences and set it. :)


First, search whatever you want the animated picture (GIF) to be of, and go to images:

Then, click on Search Tools:

Click on TYPE, then ANIMATED.

All the pictures that aren't animated will be filtered out. Choose whichever one you want, then save it to your photo library! =D


But it isnt animated in ma photo library


That's normal :D Once you post it or set it as your profile picture, it'll be animated!


Oh...... now i feel ■■■■


Don't feel that way! D:
It's fine, I didn't know this at first XD


Yeah i got awesome pic now... i was trying to figure this out for a while i didnt notice it would animate it in the thing since it didnt in my library


Ingot it now thank you though


I see your email you may wanna edit the last picture


Your email is showing in one of pics delete the post! (I dont need it now)


Did I delete it?


Yes you did :+1:🏻 Good rember to check everywhere to make sure you covered all personal information


When I was looking at it I covered it up, strange. Anyways thanks :smile:


They are called GIFs. Search them up, save them to your camera roll like normal, then insert into the Forum. It should move. : D