Halp i'm member again


@buildasnowman can you promote me again? For some reason, I was drooped to member.


Maybe you were demoted for a reason...


Yeah that is so weird, do you think there is a reason??


I think you were automatically demoted because of your flags.


It was probably because you have lots of flags so you were demoted


But you asked... @CreativeCoder was probably telling you a tip!


Ugghhhhh stop talking about how many flags I get!


I'm sorry! Just trying to give an example of what might have happened!


They are trying to help.


Yeha, well I don't like it when they talk about my flags


I agree guys, stop talking about the flags and let a leader set her back to Regular :slightly_smiling:


I think I know why it happened


The flags could be a reason I'm sorry to here that?


Leaders cannot set people back to regulars... I think.


Actually they can, @BuildASnowman did it once.



Have you not been recently visiting the forum?
If you haven't, keep in mind that regulars have to be on 'regularly'!


I visit it every single day! I just get flagged la much...


Oh, sorry to hear! I think you might be able to earn it again, though!


This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


I already know that LOL