Halp I'm addicted to HS


I'm addicted to Hopscotch.
I spend everyday on my iPad, playing Hopscotch, and I want it to stop. I don't want to quit Hopscotch, but I just don't want to go on it everyday.
I spent the whole summer on HS and didn't achieve ANYTHING at all.
Like literally nothing :joy:
Any tips to kind of...slow down?

I need to work on hopemon go!

I understand!:wink:
Actually, you can try and control yourself using a rubber band on your wrist. When you wanna go on Hop when you're not supposed to, just flick da band real hard dat it hurts.

Or you can make yourself a daily routine and strictly follow it!:grinning:

These don't work on everybody but still worth a try!


I understand: HS is so addictive! :0

Try making a plan: I'll go on HS 2 times a day, once for 1 hour, and then for 30 minutes. Something like that!
Then to stop yourself from going on when you shouldn't, try making a consequence: if I go on my iPad when I'm not supposed to I'll have to do more homework or something!
And when your not on, hide your iPad somewhere so you don't think about it.
And also make a point system: give your self 1 point for going on 1 minut early and coming off 1 minute late, 5 points for exact timing, and when you go on wayyyyy too early and/or get of waaayyyy too late, you take a point off. When you get to 10 points, you get a lolly!

Hope this helped! :3


Awesome suggestion!:smile::+1:


Pix! (Thx)


Ask your parents if they can help you :slight_smile:
I go here when I'm allowed to.


I ask my parents sometimes if I can get on! When I'm on at a too long time they say to me that I should do something else


Danx to everyone who suggested ideas!
Imma try dem later


Here's a way! I do get addicted sometimes, and this way helps A LOT!
1. Go into "Settings!"
2. Click on "General," then "Accesibility!"

3. Scroll down, until you see "Guided Access." It should say, "Off." Mine says on, because I've used it before. If you've used it before, it will say "On."

4. If it's off, turn it on by sliding the switch.

Slide it, and it will turn green.
5. Then, click Passcode Settings. I circled it in the screenshot above. :slight_smile:
6. Ask your parents (or someone random) to put in a passcode. MAKE SURE THEY REMEMBER IT!
A screenshot wouldn't work for this step, sorry. :frowning:
7. Go into a super boring app that you don't really use, like "Calendar."
8. Triple Click the home button, fast. You should see a new menu. It won't let me take a screenshot, sorry. :frowning:
9. Click "Start." It's on the upper right corner of your screen.
10. This will NOT let you out of the app. Which means, no Hopscotch! As much as you try, it will NOT let you out unless you have the passcode.
11. Do whatever work you've been trying to do.
12. When you're done, ask the person who you have the passcode to, "Hey, what's the passcode?" They say, "It's 1234."
13. In the Calendar App, or whichever app your iPad was stuck on, triple-click the home button, and enter the passcode.
14. You should see a screen like this:
15. Now, you can turn it off. :slight_smile:

I hope this helps, and this took a long time to write, so I hope you use this way!


Super helpful thanx!
I will :slight_smile:


Try to limit the amount of time you use HS


To be honest , I have the same proble pm ! I want to be in here all day long , but I normally I cannot but I am addivpcted to here !

When I was too addicted, I did these things and they helped:

Some of these might seem crazy or won't work on you, but they helped for me! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

  • Focus on something else
    Try do something else for a while, and get really into it and focus. Invite a friend over, go outside and play a game, get hooked on some cheesy TV show, just focus on something other than the forum and Hopscotch!

  • Use up your battery and have someone hide your iPad
    I know this sounds weird, but once when I was at a sleepover for my friends birthday, and I was playing Hopscotch and then my iPad died. (I'm sorry I was really obsessed!) While I was searching for my charger, they took my iPad and hid it. It may seem like a bad thing, but they actually did me a favor. After I couldn't find it, I was able to forget about Hopscotch, have fun, and celebrate my friends birthday! I had my friend hide my iPad a little after that too, and it was actually pretty fun searching around for it while my friend did that "Hot and Cold" thing.

  • Do something that makes you get competitive or be really happy
    If you are anything like me, you are really competitive. I cannot walk away loosing to something I know I could win at! And once you really get into whatever makes you competitive, it's hard to just stop. Or do something that makes you happy, because it's hard to just leave in the middle of that too.

  • Figure out what you like so much about the forum and HS, what's keeping you addictive
    Once I did that (it took me until June to realize it), I pretty much stopped obsessing over Hopscotch. I knew what I liked so much, what I wanted so much, and what made me keep coming on Hopscotch. Then I just gave up on it. I know people are like "Never give up" and stuff, but this is just the internet. It's no where near as important as school, friends, and family. Giving up some silly little thing I wanted on the forum really helped for some reason, and now I'm better, and I don't go on the forum and HS as much.

  • Tell the forum you'll be inactive, then be inactive!
    I knew I needed time away from the forum, especially after somethings personal happened, and so I made that happen. I told the forum I was going to be inactive, and I stuck with it. It really helped.




Thanks for the advice @SmileyAlyssa!


Thanks okay very descriptive :blush:


Here's something that you can try:
On the first day, set a timer for an hour. When it goes off, put down your iDevice and do something else.
Second day, bring it down five minutes.
Pretty much keep doing that. Good luck! :smile:


Another tip: Say that you are going to be in less because you are limiting your iPad time