Halloween Project!


I am doing a super cool Halloween project and it's going to be super fun and I want YOUR help I have thought of some people like @Ihasfluffycupcakes she seems pretty up for Halloween anyone else who is. Up is in I am only taking three people we start Tuesday!! Have fun!!
P.S.:I am only taking experienced coders so please don't join if you only do contests and all of the non-coding stuff:smirk:
~Fifi the funny flower


Can I join? I'm the one who thought of a Halloween contest and I'm very good with using values to switch backgrounds. I learned how to use values before the video was here! I suggest that you pick me, too, though. You can find me in Hopscotch as Friendship Studios★


I'll join too! And is it ok if we also include @AHappyCoder or is that too much?


Smooth I like your persuasiveness I'm am not the best at values so I agree you are in!! Congratulations I will make another account that will be used to make it the account will be called Hallows Code
I will tell you the User and Pass after and I will edit it out later so no one will mess with it!


Yay just three people I love this lets do this @AHappyCoder may join. But that is it let get started by laying down some ideas!!!


Here is what I have so far: (it's a happy Halloween sign)


thanks! I will try to log on it!


Hold on can someone else make the account
for some reason mine is not working


Alright I'll try making it


Ok I made it the username is Hallow. (With a period) and the password is Halloween


As a awww I wanted to being it :frowning: and I can do good code it just takes forever!


And here is a warning to everyone: if someone hacks into that account and you didn't ask for permission then I will delete any inappropriate projects. So beware... I am the hack monitor......


Ok works for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Good. Did you see that project I made to let you know?


@friendship2468 well will you be able to get on the account? Just asking


Yes I saw it I have started a scary movie draft


I found a project with Halloween Characters so you can use them for your scary movie :blush:


I will be able to. Let me check. Besides, I told my mom I'm thinking of making a dancing skeleton with GUTS for Halloween on hopscotch for the contest. Pretty smart for my age, yes? ( im nine and a half years old)


It won't let me log in. I guess I lost my account then. I'll have to email the hopscotch team or just figure it out.


I logged into my account, but it won't let me log into your Halloween one.