Halloween Project Opinion-y Things


Hey. To start out, if you're planning on saying "I'M NOT COOL WITH HALLOWEEN PROJECTS!1!1!" Then it's probably a better use of your time to go work on that thing you've been procrastinating on, because this topic ain't for you, pal.

OKAY. So, it's October (oh wow no really). I'm making Halloween themed projects. I mean, that's not even a question. That's why I said this topic wouldn't be for you if you just are going to say you don't like them. I'm probably going to make Halloween themed projects after Halloween. I'm a rebel.

Anyways, back to the point, I want to know what you guys are okay with/what you want to see . I asked Liza, and she said as long as it's not to graphic or bloody, then it's fine. Just know your limits, ya know? Don't ask for a game of psycho monsters that rip people's guts out. It's a bad idea.

Think a game with spiders would be cool? Say so.

Don't like zombies? Then I'd know to put a specific warning for it.

tl;dr: I want to know what Halloween themed projects you guys want.

Thaaaaanks guys.


I would probably want a carve a pumpkin thingy, similar to @Gilbert189'S wood carver, except with a pumpkin.


So, uh, this with more functionality basically?


watches topic

Ok, so in my opinion I'm scared of everything I'm not a huge fan of clowns, actually I'm deathly scared of them. XD

I'm fine with blood, not so fine with jumpscares, not so fine with creepy dolls, fine with creepy music, and that's pretty much it. XD


So you're basically not cool with anything in your game from BR2 XD


Pretty much
Man, BR2 better not be a future reality. XD



What Dudey said.






If I could hear anybody's scream with a jump scare it would be you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I'm fine with bood, I'm ok with jump scares as long as they aren't too scare :0, fine with creepy music anytime creepy dolls r ok for me too :D


I love making holiday themed projects! :smiley: For me, when I think of Halloween, I think of ghosts so I have an idea for a ghost game. I saw a cool ghost game, I forget what it was called but it's on cool math games. Another thing I deffinetly think of is candy so I am thinking of some sort of game with candy. I was thinking of somthing like a candy maker! :smiley:


There was a clown sighting in the town right next to mine yay I am so pumped and ready


Let's just hope that they will go away, a lot of them are just hoaxes. But still, it's pretty creepy.


Ikr rip halloween trick or treaters who are alone and go in the woods


That's gonna be an issue this year


*pokes topic with stick*


Im ok with most things but unexplained events freak me out

like mothman, or seeing something weird at the foot of your bed when you're about to go to sleep


Why not poke it with cotton candy? That would be safer, and you'd seem less like a clown. :D




I'm sorry I'm internally freaking out about them going around


But what does that have to do with what one is poking a topic with...