Halloween pixel art competition judging topic

Project by: DogIcing
Quality: 25/25
Creativity: 22/25
Theme: 22/25
Effort: 25/25
Total score (add up all of the above): 94/100
Additional comments for creator:
Wonderful project! The details on the pumpkin are fascinating, and you really showed creativity in the pixel art you created. Although it could have fit the theme a bit better, it’s an excellent entry nonetheless.

Project by: ClownPig
Quality: 23/25
Creativity: 11/25
Theme: 20/25
Effort: 24/25
Total score (add up all of the above): 78/100
Additional comments for creator:
Project is overall very smooth, and the detail on the pumpkin is nice. But although the project only has Halloween features, simply a Jack-o-lantern wasn’t going to cut it. The pixel art could’ve also done with shading, but the pumpkin’s face is cool and the project isn’t too lackluster.

Project by: amortentia/struggling to code
Quality: 13/25
Creativity: 15/25
Theme: 23/25
Effort: 20/25
Total score (add up all of the above): 73/100
Additional comments for creator:
Project is very slow as it progresses, lack of shading and background doesn’t contrast very well on itself or the main image. Although it fits the theme very well, the background isn’t fitting and there is a lack of using the theme creatively, not having much thought put into it.