Halloween + Help?



With Halloween coming up I would like to collab with popular people that are on trending and I can kind of maybe get back to my own spot of being popular and in general having someone help out that would be great. if you are intrested please tell me.


Why popular people? Do I Count?


Yeah i'm not (popular) but i would love to collab!


I think saying only popular people will hurt some people's feelings.

Do I fit into your definition of popular?


the only reason I say popular is because I need some help to become popular again. tho I will happily make a collab with you all


Don't be a sucker for fame dude work hard instead of getting famous people to shoutout you
Wow I'm such a hypocrite


Why do you want to be popular? It doesnt affect anything.


I put a lot of work into my stuff and I USED to be popular


Maybe ask yourself the question,
What has changed between now and when I was "popular"?
I hope this helps!:slight_smile:


everyone asks that, I haven't changed


If you really want to be "popular", maybe scroll through Trending. See what people like, then try to put your own unique spin on things. :D


Dude do you understand that popularity isn't the main thing in the life. Also, am I "popular"?


Yes you are @DMF Games.


Why not ask @KVJ? He can help you xD
Edit: He's already using this topic xD