Halloween Game Contest!



Ok, here i go again im BOARD!!

Aannyy who i decided to make a halloween game contest!! There are 3 teams, and i need good coders. When submiting give me the link in this topic.

Team 1:



Alright, i summon peeps to sighn up!! (Aka FREN LIST)


Thaaats all!!

Happy Halloween!!

(Ps i will make the topics for each team to chat on. 1 main rule is to not spy on other teams, if you do you DISQUALIFIED!!)


Also, just say "@BlazeWolfGirl, i wanna join!!" Or stuff like dat to get in. Thanks!!


Alright im just deaprate. DOUBLE SUMMON!!:

And i add a person to the list with a flourish of my wand!

@Zachyswag !!!


Im not a gud coder, but i could try!


Ok!! Wich team? :smiley: team 1, team 2, or team 3? :3


Aww, thanks so much for putting me on you're friend list!
Unfortunately, I've been really busy lately, so I can't do it. ;-;


You is welcome any time if you can make space. Ill but you in teh backup teams.


I don't celebrate Halloween. Please don't freely tag me, I don't do contests anyway.


I'm not the best coder but I'm up for da challenge (I have a different time zone so I am late for posts)


1! Why not?
Im exited


OK I'll join! And I will be the first on Team 2! @StarryDream @FoodDelivery @minioncandy @KVJ plz join me with Team 2!


I cant make games XD. I can make a trail art though


If we are doing a project together, like on the same account, that wont work out for me.... cos i know what to make and how to make... but i also dont want to be the person who just does all the work - unless you guys can help find out a solution


I can't make games sowwy.......
If this is a drawing pad/pixel art/trail art? I might join.....


U can ask @PumpkinGirl tho, she's amazing at games!!!!


@BlazeWolfGirl , i wanna join!
I code, (pretty good actually) but I'm just really lazy.

I wanna join team 3!

Plus, thx for summoning me!


Kk, then join! Make like a pumpkin, something!


Ya, we will do it separately. But like bring it together like use a tag


Maybe you could draw something tho


Ok. Which team? Me and @Refugeecat123 are in team 1, the other teams are empty