Halloween Costume Party!


Basically, Halloween is coming up and I bet you all have really cool costumes planned.
It would be so cool if I could see them, but to make this even more awesome, how about coding them? :D
So, the challenge is to code your Halloween costume. Turn it in on Halloween! October 31st, by the way. I'll feature some of them in this post in a gallery! Afterwards, there will be refreshments and jokes and whatever goes on in parties. Some of it has to do with the coding part of this, so we don't get too off topic. All funding comes from the Peepo Foundation of Educated Peepos.
There's not really any strict rules of turning this in, but really all you need is a project link and what it is (if it's hard to tell.) You don't need a screenshot, I can do that, but if you want to include a screenshot, go ahead!
Have fun! :D I can't wait to see your cool costumes!
Meanwhile, you can talk about cool ideas or Halloween related stuff here.


This is an awesome idea! I'll try to enter =D


I will try to enter! :grinning:


Reviving! Does anyone have any entries? :D