Halloween Contest?


WHere can I find the contest rules? My third grade class would love to participate!


You just need to publish a project to the tag #HHC17 by October 30th.


Here’s THT’s project about it:


As @Gobli09 pointed out, you just have to post a project to the tag HHC17 before October 30th. @sophia71205 posted the link to the project with all the official rules.


Also, I just want to add that if your class will participate in the challenge, I am sad to say that it ends tomorrow. If they already have projects ready, they can publish them or they can make the project tomorrow. Also, there are inofficial halloween contests too and you can code Halloween projects without entering the challenge. I hope that you can do the contest. I wish you and your class good luck! Feel free to ask the forum if you ever have any more questions.