Halloween Contest 🎃



Hello! Me and @CodePerfect are having a Halloween Contest! Anybody can join, but projects are due on October 31st, 2016. Your entry can be pixel art, trail art, games, anything!


•Dont copy from others
•Dont steal credit from someone else's entry
•Dont be mean
•Have fun!


1st Place
•A coded golden trophy from @Sprouse (PupCow2016)
•Likes from PupCow2016
•Nomination for Featured
A follow by @CodePerfect and 20 likes
A follow and spam likes from @Silverdolphin
2nd Place
•A coded silver trophy from PupCow2016
•Likes from PupCow2016
•A shoutout
A follow by @CodePerfect and 15 likes
Follow from @Silverdolphin
3rd Place
•A coded bronze trophy from PupCow2016
•Likes from PupCow2016
A follow by @CodePerfect and 10 likes
A follow from @Silverdolphin !
A Hacked Cookie clicker game from @TheRealBlah

If you want to join, edit your name under this line

I'll try-@Hero_Dino




Oh wow looks soooo fun


Sorry, please forgive me!


You must be trying to get that account banned.


I would join but I only have an iPhone 4s to code on.


I think I will try. Maybe yes. Maybe not.


I can also give prizes to other people


I will think about it later... Now I must go to sleep...


Looks like fun! I'll probably do it


I joined! Do you see my name?


Yes! I see your name. :slight_smile:


Are you gonna join?!?


@Sprouse @CodePerfect Can I please join? :smiley: :smiley:


Sure. Just edit your name in with the others.


Ok!! (This is to fill up space to dat I can post)


Thanks for joining!!


@KarmicSans2 just joined!!


Yay!! Now we have 3 people... :3




I am so excited!!