Halloween contest!


Hello! I'm trying to keep this related so I'm making a contest. First of all what will you be for Halloween. Once you know, go to hopscotch and do a coded version of it. For example if you will be a cat, do a cat trail art. Reply with your hopscotch username and what u will be for Halloween. Title the project #Halloweencoded and winners will be chosen on Halloween~halakoala


I won't be anything for Halloween, but are we only allowed to do trail art? I could spin being nothing into a movie or a comic!




I think it's their username being used like:

Words more words
~ GysvANDRegulus


Yes I'm halakoala but someone has my username


And u can do trail art


Hello!! I'll compete!! :smiley:


Cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thx for competing