HALLOWEEN CONTEST anime/vocaloid style!


HI GUYS so I'll be holding a Halloween contest!
But no ordinary contest
A Halloween contest that involves vocaloids and anime!
So basically you draw your favorite anime or manga character or Vocaloid but you draw them Halloween themed. I suggest you use a drawing app for this, and use whatever style you want as long as your drawing looks somewhat like the character and isn't too skinny.
For extra credit you can also code a Halloween background and code a Vocaloid song with it
First place:
Spam likes on the forum
If not already, a follow from me
A drawing request
Shoutout in bio

Second place:
If not already, a follow
10 likes on the forum
Shoutout in bio

Third place:
If not already, a follow
Five likes on the forum

Please join! I'll announce when the contest starts once I get ten people to join.


This looks fun, but unfortunately, I'm busy with a lot of other contests D:
I can give out prizes if you want?..


If you want to help me judge you can!


Sure! I can give out art requests for prizes =D


I wanna give out the prizes but if you wnat you can certainly help me decide who wins


Here we go guys I'm going to enter an art competition

The only volacoid I know is hatsune miku

And I'm really bad at drawing


Wow you have scared me more than any clown could...



I do love to but I'm quite busy...

If you need judges, I'll help...