Halloween competition!NEEDS 10 more competitors



So yeah my last comp was about August so here is a new one,
You make a Halloween project yeah so the forms

How many features and trendings
Anything else

Judge(Only 2!)
How many features and trendings
Are you a remixer?
Anything else


so this is what you're all here for
The prizes!
You can add some you wanna give out!

1st place
20 likes from @HopedHoper
A follow from @HopedHoper
A silver badge from me
An announcement board
A drawing request from @goobrgrlrye
A trail art or a follow and 10 likes from @TheDrawer

2nd place
10 likes from me
A follow from me
A bronze badge from me
A drawing request from @Goobrgrlrye

3rd place
5 likes from me
A follow from me
A drawing request from @Goobrgrlrye

Vote for judges


Votes are public.





I'' really busy with other projects right now so can I be a judge? It would be great if judging was on a weekend.




Do the judge form please


Please use the updated OMTL, I'm not on it, but I got tagged here.


This looks interesting! I might want to join!


Just edited to make the list work


Can I be a judge?
Featured: 5, countless trending
Are you a remixer? No
Username: DMFgames ★
Anything else: please! :slight_smile: I can give out a lot of prizes, I'm a spam-liking person :stuck_out_tongue:


How many features and trendings:
Lots of treindings and at least 8 features
Are you a remixer? Nope!
Username -Madi-
Anything else: :smiley::+1:


Can I give out prizes? I wanna give drawing requests to 1,2,3rd place.


seems interesting but i have no apple device so no participating

i can't code well anyways


No more judge entery
Voting starts now


Just edit it in


Please vote for catwithabrush or DMF
Not madi as she's now a judge!


Can I make a prize to :DDDDD


Just edit it in!


If its too late, I still might enter the comp


Sorry but the polls started and I can't edit it
It'll be great if you can be a competitior!


My judges are


For prizes just edit it in!