Halloween Collab| Invites only: @KVJ @Jojodude @Potter_Head



SHello, guys. Welcome to the Halloween Collab! We will be coding something related to Halloween. We're going to need Ideas, And more. (I couldn't thing of what we need more XD.)

MTL (Mini Tag List):


Um wow.

Good Tag.


Wow, what?


Not coding…



I was just saying dat I'm in nit dis collab


I don't wanna feel embarrassed.. I just do.. My emotions right now.. e.e


Dude there's nuu need to feel embarrassed…
I have nuu time to code


@KVJ what should we make?


Believe me. If I had any ideas for what to code I'd steal them.


Oh my... Well this collab was a fail -CRINGE-


I'm sorry. My being part of it ruined it. Lol just like always :joy:



Trick or Treat
- in this game you have to pick the right house that gives candies and not spiders. If you pick the worng house GAME OVER if you pick the right house add a point!

Pacman Halloween Style
- do pacman

Create a Costume

-You have to make a costume out of shapes!


Yas! I've been specifically tagged! Sure, I'll join in!

@StarryDream, why'd you say no? It sounds like fun and you could do some art in the background!




Can I join? We can make a catch the candy game, where you tilt a pumpkin to catch candy, but if you catch a vegetable your out?


Dude listen
Me nuu interested



If you say so fren!


Sure, @Potter_Head!