Halloween Collab- Intermediate!



@SmileyAlyssa please answer


Thank you so much! That's so nice!


Yeah! What do you have in mind?


Honestly, whatever you think is Halloween-ish! I'm not very creative. Anything you do will be perfect!

All I care about is that it is somewhat related to Halloween, and has fairly dark colors. For example, bubblegum pink and baby blue would not exactly work.


I'm sorry for not doing anything on this collab, i just was extremely busy with my personal submission


Okay, this is certainly not one of my bests, but I'm finally done! I'm just trying to get this finished, I'm sorry for the poor quality. I still have to make a project for advanced, so... :ghost:
It's almost midnight and I better head to sleep, but we will most likely publish the project tomorrow. Anybody can add anything, but we may or may not use it. Try out your ideas! Beta test! Do whatever you'd like, and share feedback or new added stuff here.

@TheGreenBanana- right now there really isn't a good background. I basically didn't do anything, so you can remove and mess around with anything. If you still want to do the background, go for it!


The play bbutton broke. It never disappears. But, I think it looks better with a plain gray background, I might add stuff. I changed it to 7 seconds, 15 is to much. https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/ybxrihptr This is the link. Oh and I forgot to change it to 7 in the instructions, I was tested with 5. @SmileyAlyssa


Thank you! I love your improvements.


Your welcome. Was the play button supposed to be like that? I don't remember touching it.... Maybe i did. Idk


It was supposed to fade, I don't know what happened.


I am not able to code anything...... the blocks are glitching and I can not add or edit anything!


I'm so sorry but I can't join anymore :pensive:


I'll work on it a little bit after school. :smile: