Halloween Collab- Intermediate!




Oh no! I still have this update



Could I see the code to it? I could put it on for you!


Oh my gosh, I haven't started it yet T-T
I'm so sorry!

What can I do to help again?


Just add a face and some hair using shapes in Hopscotch, thanks!


Added the face and hair!


Awesome! I will finish by day after tomorrow. (I hope)


May I change the hair ( you need style XD) Also @SmileyAlyssa I will try creating a shape for the :apple:'s and making them bob.


Go for it!

This is an open Collab, I want to see your vision and what you want!


I just finished the newbie project, and now I'll be working on this!

I'm going to need someone to do/be/give:
to do the Title Screen.
to Play and give Feedback.
to Hunt for Bugs.
to do part of the Coding.
and to Give Ideas.

More than one person can be each of these, and I encourage all of you to help out in some way!


I won't hunt bugs, I ■■■■ at that, but I can do anything else!


Can I help with the title screen?


Yes! :smiley:

Just add it to this:

Don't worry about anything else, just add it to this and I'll take care of everything else.

I really want to finish this project today or tomorrow, so please be as quick as you can! I don't want to sound pushy or anything, I'm very sorry if I do!



I've noticed you are really good at trail art. Do you think you could code a sort of spooky background once @Sensei_Coder is done?

If you don't want to do that, totally fine! Id be happy to have you do anything else. :smiley:


The project must have been unpublished, because I can't copy off it :frowning:



Here, does this work?


Hi @SmileyAlyssa I am your biggest fan could you talk to me for a sec


Thank you, and of course!


I am new to HOPSCOTCH so could you make an account with me on Hopscotch


@SmileyAlyssa dis you read what I wrote please reply I made this just for you because I wanted to be your friend so I acted like we were friends and this is for you......