Halloween Collab- Intermediate!



Hello Hopscotchers participating in the "Intermediate" group!

In this topic, we will discuss plans and help each other code. We will also assign/choose jobs for each of us to do.


Well start soon- I promise! We got to have a couple of basic things done first, like assigning jobs and choosing what to do.

If you are in the intermediate group, put this topic on watching and stay active! If not, you can see our project under the channel name of: Haunted Coders​:jack_o_lantern:

Happy Halloween!:tada::jack_o_lantern:


Alright- we have to choose what we are going to do! Ideas anyone? Even if you have the slightest silliest idea- write it under this line! It's every appreciated!

Halloween hide and seek
True or false
Truth or dare generator
Pumpkin carver with different tools!
Random pumpkin generator :3
Dress the witch!
Candy catch! Candy falls out of the sky and you move a basket to catch it.
A Halloween-themed Geometry Dash (credit to Smishy for idea)
A witches hat decorator maker thing
A costume making game, choose your costume and stuff
Bob for apples


Can you please put that on global edit? :smile:


Whoops! Thank you for reminding me!


Wait, which group do you want to be in? I saw you in newbie and took you out, but do you want to do intermediate, or advanced? Or both? :smile:


It doesn't really matter, I think I have time for both. :smile:


Awesome! Thanks for joining!


Am I in this group..? I'm sorry, I tend to forget these kinds of things :grimacing:


I might not be too aztive on this collab... I will try though!


I really like the Halloween pumpkin carving idea!


Ooh, how about dress a witch? You can add different color warts and stuff. And super dirty curly hair. And yellow chipped teeth with holes in them. And hairy spiders. And dusty slumped hats. And raggedy black and purple and green and orange dresses. And green or orange with black striped tights. And super pointy black shoes that are tattered and worn with rusty golden buckles.

You should do that.


Thanks for making this topic! All the ideas sound cool. :D


I can't find the account :0
Did you create it yet?


Yeah, I made it and posted a project with all the names on it. Did you remember the space?


I'm making the polls tonight for what project we should do, so edit your ideas on fast!


I think I got it right, but who knows XD


CAN I PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE JOIN!!! Please! I didn't know how to edit last week so I only did it today please!!! I promise I'll help!


I made the account...


I thought I joined? Can I join?!? If so I would like to be on intermediate!!


I did Halloween Coders instead of Haunted Coders. That's why it didn't work :expressionless: