Halloween Collab- Advanced!


Okay! I will start the tittle screen :DD


@SmileyAlyssa, do you have an iPad? It's kind of hard for me to code on a phone draft.


Happy Birthday Dudey!
Sorry for off-topic


Aw, thanks! :D


Hi @SmileyAlyssa I'm not very good with on the rules on the forum on like posting topics can you help me????


Hello @diss_track_queen! I'd be happy to help!

Basically, when posting on the forum: read your post and think to yourself. Make sure it is:
Kind. Would it be hurtful to you, or someone else?
Appropriate. Is it appropriate for all age groups? Would you have a problem with your grandma or principal reading it?
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On Topic. This is the Hopscotch forum, make sure everything has to do with coding or hopscotch!

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So.. do you have an iPad?


@SmileyAlyssa, I finished the basics of the tittle screen! Feel free to change it. :D


This is how I made it to show how you play.

You are in first person point of view. Ghosts will come to chase you and attack you, resulting with you losing one of your lives. In the beginning, you have 5 lives. You have a key on the corner to tell you where to go to get out.


Can I add a shape art rip stone?


The poll doesn't work XD
I think you could pick to add on! Are you adding to the tittle screen or the actual game? :DD

EDIT: k sure


The title screen...


Well, sure! Could you also make the play button work? I need to sleep D:


So we're coding on an iPhone?
It's 11:45 am here


I finished doing some stuffs!
I added a rip stone in the title screen. I tried making it 3D but epic fail ;-;. It's probably cos I don't use the correct HSB. Sowee.
I also made the start button worked and make the leave a trail part fastaaaaa.
Can the third Hops who want to code the project make the HSB correct? I can do I myself though...
See the post below for stuffs


I'm guessing everyone's asleep so I continued it.
I edited the title screen and fixed the HSB
added the emoji cos I was bored lol
Feel free to edit the title screb


Cool. I'm on but i can't seem to get the link


It saids that it doesn't exist


You have to open it in an app which have HS since I unpublished it


I know i did and it comes up with a sorry message


GTG sorry