Halloween Collab Acc!

hey, thank you for letting me know - i genuinely didnt mean to be rude at all in that post, i justed wanted to inform you that --for only security reasons-- we cannot allow public collab accounts like that :/

ive talked with the other leads and got a few feedback on how to write a post and not accidentally make it rude. i do blame on the fact english is not my main language (out of the 3 i speak, actually english is my least fluent one!) but yes, i fully take the responsibility and i just want you to know i genuinely didnt mean to be rude and that im really sorry if that hurted you :(

back on topic; yeah that’s unfortunately where we cannot allow this - the forum is moderated by the @/Leaders but everything that happens inside a hopscotch account is not. intruders --people who aren’t registered as a forumer or a hopscotcher-- may just see your account and password, log into the public account and do harm via drafts or published projects. we definitely dont want any situations like that

however, the good news is that you can personnally invite a fixed amount of people to join your mega collab and privately share them the account name and password! that’s actually how collabs currently work on the forum - and if you’re interested in doing that, feel free to let me know :)


@Tri-Angle, thanks for the info. I will sure to do that later.


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