Halloween Coding Contest!


Hey Halloween Hopscotchers! I just came up with a idea. I will host a Halloween Coding Contest! So, all you have to do is make a project related to Halloween. (You can make a Halloween backround, costume, game or anything related to Halloween). I will pick 4 more judges so the vote won't have a tie(I'm the fifth judge). If you want to be a judge, then vote that quickly. The first 10 people that say they want to be judge will be in a debate. I will close the debate at sometime and tell all of you. You can't work in groups without permission, copy someone's idea, or do anything rude or disrespectful. Thanks! (I will present the winner and they will get a surprise.) My vote doesn't count as one of the ten contestants.

  • I want to be a judge!
  • I want to be a contestant!
  • I just want to see the projects!
  • I want to help set up stuff!


Votes are public.


I was fourth to vote judge! :D


Btw there's like three topics on the forum that only I've responded to XD