Halloween characters



I saw someone using these really awesome Halloween characters (Zombie Bear is my fave!). How do I get them to use in my own projects?


Hi @FlutteringButterfly! :grinning:
Those are some pretty cool characters! Unfortunately, they only come around when it is Halloween because they are Halloween characters. In October they will probably come to Hopscotch again!


Hi @FlutteringButterfly they were part of Hopscotch for Halloween like @Madi_Hopscotch_ says. They were limited costumes for Halloween in 2013.

However, since the costumes weren't added again in October 2014 last year, it seems unlikely they'll be added again :frowning:

But luckily you can still use the characters by branching other projects that have them, and then adding code to them. Here's a project I published that has the Halloween characters.


@FlutteringButterfly Hi another way is to put the project you need them on out and ask can someone put the Halloween characters on here for my project and just make sure to say thank you and give them a bit of credit. I don't think the will come out anymore its kind of like a rare I think. But if this doesn't work you can always just branch them :hatched_chick: :sun_with_face:


Here's a link on how to get them


Wow thanks I've been waiting for something like this to happen
~Gabe Nelson