Halloween challenge on hopscotch!



I thought that the hopscotch team could out out a Halloween challenge, using our soon-to-be-new Halloween characters! I heard that hopscotch is releasing our Halloween characters soon


yes yes yes yes!!!!!!! that is soooooo cool!!!!!!!



I like your idea. You seem to be very enthusiastic about it.

I can't be sure what exactly you have in mind, but I have suggested before that it might be fun to try to code for an animated skeleton for halloween.

By now, I assume that almost everyone has seen the really neat project done by a coder identified on Hopscotch as "PurpleHawk". The project is entitled "Walkman". It has an orange stick figure, resembling a human walking upright. What I'm thinking might be fun to do is to study that example and to modify it to the form of a skeleton, perhaps looking straight on, instead of from the side. Or maybe both.

Another fun idea that comes to mind is a spider. In fact, that is to ideas.

The first idea is, again, based upon the work of "PurpleHawk". Only, instead of a human, we would be coding the movements of the joints on an animated spider! With that be creepy, or what? :scream:

The second spider idea is to simply make a spider that crawls around and creates a realistic spiderweb. Do you think that would be neat? I do.

If you don't want to make something "scary", you could make a game that is kind of like going "trick-or-treating", where the goal is to collect candy. I'm not sure what to call it, but it could be a game. Maybe it should involve jack-o'-lanterns.

And, speaking of jack-o'-lanterns, for those people who like to draw things, there could be a "pumpkin carving" contest using any of the popular drawing tools.

And, finally, I guess if somebody wanted to go over the top, he or she could make a ghost or zombie FPS game, where the bad guys are some kind of ghosts or zombies. Maybe?

So there are a few things that come to mind. No, not a "challenge" from the Hopscotch Team, but just some ideas from me. :sunglasses:


I'm not sure about new characters being released - I've heard mostly just hopes but it would be cool. Hopscotch had its inaugural/first Hopscotch Halloween Contest last year and I hope they do it again this year! (Shoutout to @Benjour who came up with the idea :smiley:) The aim was to make a Halloween-themed project. @oio's ideas are very awesome project suggestions in the meantime!


Good idea! I think I'll make the trick or treating one and give you credit


Hey, here's the skeleton thing...
I hope you like it, it was surprisingly easy to make


:laughing: Hilarious. I like it. Liked it. Well, ok, "liked" it and like it. Ah, so confusing.

So... Do ya think you could get ribs and... maybe... some other bones on it, too? That would be neat.


Hmmm... Well all I did was change color and emojis... I guess text ribs would work
It would take a while though