Halloween Catch by iWaffle—#HHC2016 (Version 2 is Out!)


Halloween Catch is my new game, an entry to the Hopscotch Halloween Contest 2016.
It is titled #HHC Halloween Catch, but I'm worried because it doesn't show up when I search "#HHC2016".
Will the Hopscotch team be able to find it when they are judging?


And more?

Halloween Catch is a challenging, Halloween-themed game, where you try to catch the falling Halloween items (broomstick, lantern, pumpkin) in the cauldron held by a zombie bear. It's a really fun game to play, in my opinion! I spent a while on it, and I would like your feedback and suggestions.
Reply, and if you would like to, leave a star rating (:star:️) and a review!

What I mean:

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I really love how blah blah but one thing you could change is blah blah blah. Here is some code you could use:
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Version 2
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Congrats @pumpkingirl!

That's really cool! :thumbsup:


pleeeeez dun steel my ideaz
Thanks, @KVJ! I know, I spoke so proper-ish-y in my post XD Anything you think I should change?


Idk. Maybe add a point system for the lives? So it's easier to keep track?


What do you mean by that? Like a counter-downer-thingy for the lives?


That's good!
cough Aloha's topic?



And maybe power ups to slow the objects down or something ¯\⌒(ツ)⌒/¯?




Guessed as much :sunglasses:


I'll work on that! The problem is, I have the speeds at random, so it'll be hard to slow them down... Actually, I can do that!




My score is 71 :0
Sorry, I don't want to publish it. I want to don't have too much remixes.


I luv dat game!
But too many Halloween items drops at da same time… ;-;


That's so funny! I am working on a game where you catch Halloween candy, and if you catch the bad stuff (spiders, pumpkins, ghosts) then you lose points. I haven't gone very far yet, guess I will have to change my game...

Cool game though!


Let me look at it real fast!!


It's too fast for me too


@CatWithABrush, nice! You beat my highscore by a lot!
@StarryDream, thanks, but I think the amount of objects falling at a time is a good amount. It gives you more of a challenge!


Great game! Maybe you could put emojis if you want to


I have a problem! Because THT made it that the remix tag doesn't show up when people remix their project, it's not showing up when people remix my project!

I'm afraid people will see the remix, and think the project was made by the remixer!


That's weird :0