Halloween Art Contest! 😈 πŸ™€


Hoi, HSers!
Draw yourself as what you are going to be for Halloween! @Sweetlina and I will judge the drawings, the submission deadline is the day before Halloween!

1st prizes:
Spam likes (about 60) from TRC
Two art requests from TRC
One drawing request from Sweetlina
A follow from Sweetlina on HS

2nd prizes:
20 likes from TRC
Art request from TRC
Spam likes on the forum from Sweetlina
A follow from Sweetlina on HS

3rd prizes:
15 likes from TRC
Follow on HS from Sweetlina


Can I be judge please!


Is this a Regulars only contest?


Yeah! Wanna give any prizes?

What you want to give for 1st: Spam like on the forum. One human drawing request. A follow from HS

2nd: Spam like on the forum and a follow from HS

3rd: Follow from HS


Btw I finished my submission for your contest, but my phone is glitched up so I might have to post it tomorrow... :\



Just post it on my topic!

Then I know you actually did it!


takes it out of lounge
it's for everyone!



Okay then


Thanks for the invite fren! But I'm doing my contest, sorry




My name is Caroline

Soooooo yeah


... *Thanks


Rly? I was talking to Sweg Desk XD


Okayyyyyyyyyyyyy then

Well I got to go

I am going to read

Love & Gelato



Silently tags art sempais


tell me more


Fixed, how many times does that happen?