Halloween Art Collab w/ Layers! (Accepting 2 people)



Hey guys! So I was thinking that maybe since Halloween is coming, we could do a mini art collab!
So basically one of us will each have a different layer.
One of us will draw in a color that isn't black using the first layer, then we save the photo and send a screenshot to the other person. They make it their first layer, then they make a second layer and trace over it and make the first layer invisible. They send a screenshot if all that done to the last person. They make the first screenshot sent their first layer, then they make a second layer and trace over the pic in black. Then they make the third layer and color it, send it to the others, and we show the forum. Then the collab is finished. Everyone basically got an equal share.
The third person had to trace over the original because it won't let you trace over the photo and it will look weird.
I'm looking for two artists who:

  • Are good and experienced at art
  • Are willing to do their part in the original photo's style
  • Won't fight or change anything
  • Know how to shade (third person)
  • Will not drop out or forget about this
  • Will do their art
  • Will use the same drawing app the others are using and crop out the tools if you're using SketchbookX
  • Will not be lazy

So yeah um pls join but I have to see your digital art first and YOU MUST HAVE EXPERIENCE WITH LAYERS.
Please don't be sad if you don't get picked, I wanna do this art collab and make it really successful. But just know that each and every one of you are good art drawing.

MEGA CHRISTMAS ART COLLAB on actual art apps! πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘

Guys I really wnat you to join so please I want to do a collab with some artists


I Kinda Want To, But IDK If I Have The Time..

Please join



I already failed​:joy::joy:


Can I see some of your drawings at least?
Don't have low self esteem
I'm such a hypocrite wow


I don't really draw and I am very busy so sorry!


I wish someone will join!


Sure here is an example of some art.


Have you had experience with digital art, including layers


I can help, if you want me too. I have layers on my drawing app I can use, :D


I can help! This is such a cool idea :D
Does every person have to use the exact same drawing app?


@dude73 @BellaWafflez17 I need to see your digital art first



Cool. Do you have sketchbook express?
And can you trace the original drawing?
I think that you should be the person who colors the drawing as the final step.


I don't have sketchbook express, but I can put in images and draw over them. :smile:


oh this looks neat :D

i have sketchbook express and you can just look on drawing topic 3 for my examples bc im on my phone and im lazy lol



So you can be the colorer if that's even a word
So basically I'll draw the original or the other person will (i don't know who that will be yet b they have to be approved by me) and you'll make that picture as the first layer, then you will trace over it in the second layer, hide the first layer, and color over it in the third.
So basically you'll be taking care of the outline


Sounds great! I'll watch this topic. :smile: