Halloween 2016 Google Doodle In Hopscotch


Does anyone want to do a collab on The Google Doodle for Halloween 2016 in hopscotch? I think that it would be super cool, and it would fun to make and play!




What's Google doodle? XD


yeah... what is it?



It's not possible to reproduce the drawing mechanic, from my knowledge. :P


It is what the google logo is called when it changes. Yesterday, because it was Halloween, it was a game where your a cat wizard and you kill ghosts! If you want to see it, just search up Halloween 2016 Google Doodle


Did you two see Google's Halloween game on their website? If not, here:




Oh, thanks for posting that, @Rawrbear!


Guys, I found out how I'm gonna make da Doodle without using the swipe feature: I'm going to use buttons instead of swiping! All I need is for someone to help with the ghost AI and all the ghost stuff.


@XiaoMiaoMi, @Rawrbear, @KVJ, @Dude73, @thebestest, @CreationsOfaNoob please halp me with this!


Cool! Sadly I don't know much of AI stuff, so I can't help, sorry :pensive:


The only contribution I have—

If you're making the ghosts from scratch, don't include faces. The facial expression animation can simply be an exclamation mark that appears and disappears accordingly.


Thanks for the advice! I was either going to do the emoji ghost or make one from scratch. Do you know how to make things appear at random times from the edge of the screen?


Assuming you know how to use an Invisibility block (I'm pretty sure everyone does, eheh):
And, I'm using the ghost emoji in the example for simplicity.

1) Make your ghost emoji army
Create several text objects simply called "Ghost 1", "Ghost 2", and so on. When the play button is tapped, these will Set Text to the ghost emoji.

2) Values and Random
Put a When [value] Equals 7:
- Set Invisibility to 0
- Movement (Get someone else to do the movement code, I'm not good at that...)
- Set Value [value] to 1

Then, using a different object:
When [The project's START button] is tapped:
Repeat Forever:
Wait [random [value2 - 300] to [value2]] milliseconds
Set Value [value] to 7

Value2 is going to decrease as the game goes on. You might want to have it start at, say, 1000, and then, for every 5 ghosts tapped, decrease by 25. This way, the ghosts appear faster and faster as the game goes on.

If there's a problem, let me know, and I'll try to help.


@Themasterofairjitzu, I just saw your Thanksgiving Day dash, and that uses the appear randomly code. Do you want to do a collab with me? I really need help with the appear randomly with a random symbol above the ghost's head.

You will get CREDIT!!!!


Alright, thanks @XiaoMiaoMi! I will give you credit when I publish the first update on my account, Chain Link Studios!


Uh, ok :D (BTW what appear randomly code? Like the clouds and grass or the timing of the knives or what?)


The knives. @Themasterofairjitzu, also, after what @XiaoMiaoMi just told me, I know how to make the ghost army, but it is still kind of confusing. XP


Oh. That's pretty easy. I just had them wait a random amount of time then move across the screen. I can make an example project if you want.


Okay thanks. Please do that. What is your account called?


Nindroid games™ Though searching even nindroif will show me. I'll start that project.